Are You Feeling Lucky?


Today is St. Patrick’s Day when many put on their green shirts and socks to celebrate and drink green beer. As I dug out my own green attire, along with my horseshoe earrings and four-leaf clover necklace this morning, I found myself reflecting on what it means to be lucky.

People are always wishing they had more luck. We play the lottery, envy those with success, and practice every trick in the book to keep away bad luck. This includes avoiding black cats like the plague, knocking on wood and carrying around lucky charms. Well today I am convinced that we are all lucky, and not just because we’re wearing four-leaf clovers. There is luck to be had all around us all of the time.

Unfortunately, there is also every opportunity to buy into negativity and bad luck. We compete over who had the worst day. We complain about how other people have it better than we do. We routinely view our world as an equation of us versus them. When we remain focused on the downside all of the time, there is little opportunity for luck to find its way into our lives.

Instead, use today to celebrate the positive. This can be anything; your favorite pet, a career you love, or simply hitting only green lights on the way home. The sooner you begin to acknowledge the luck you already have, the sooner you will invite more luck to happen. The secret ingredient to being lucky is feeling lucky!

I’m not talking about seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. I’m talking about finding the positive in everything and operating from there. When you do, I guarantee that you’ll find yourself a lot less stressed, happier, and more confident. When challenges do arise, you’ll also be in a much better state of mind to overcome them.

Tonight, as you sit down for your corn beef and cabbage dinner and toss down that pint of green beer, take some time to reflect on all the great things that happened today and all the ways you are lucky.